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Apple At a special press event today, Apple introduced various new products. Besides the usual iPod/iTunes chit-chatter, they introduced a new Mac Mini with either a dual-core or single-core Intel processor. The new Mini sports the same form factor as the old one, and comes with an improved Front Row (support for playing streamed content using Bonjour), TV-out, and more. Note: Thanks go out to iLounge, MacCentral, and Engadget for providing live feeds.
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I bet my G4 spanks the Intel Core "Oh-no" and the Intel Core "Dunno", when it comes to RC5 key cracking (or whatever it's called). My friend found out his 1.25MHz G4 Mac Mini was beating both his top Intel and AMD multi-GigaHertz rigs (XP2100+ and a P4 2.5GHz) by a huge margin at that, also. If I recall correctly, even his lowly 500MHz G4 Sawtooth was giving both systems a run for their money...

Altivec... it's gotta be the Altivec.

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