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Apple At a special press event today, Apple introduced various new products. Besides the usual iPod/iTunes chit-chatter, they introduced a new Mac Mini with either a dual-core or single-core Intel processor. The new Mini sports the same form factor as the old one, and comes with an improved Front Row (support for playing streamed content using Bonjour), TV-out, and more. Note: Thanks go out to iLounge, MacCentral, and Engadget for providing live feeds.
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RE[3]: a little pricey IMO
by chrish on Wed 1st Mar 2006 14:29 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: a little pricey IMO"
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The thing is, computers are supposed to improve over time, and that video is a serious step backwards. I can't wait to see benchmarks of the new mini vs. the PowerPC mini.

- chrish

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