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Mac OS X Geekpatrol benchmarks Rosetta performance, and concludes: "I'm impressed with Rosetta; Geekbench performance running under Rosetta is 40% to 80% of what it is running natively. Plus, running Geekbench under Rosetta is comparable to running Geekbench natively on a Power Mac G5 1.6GHz (our baseline system), at least in the single-threaded tests."
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"Intel Macs don't use BIOS anyway. "

Thx for giving me a chance to clarify this ... I was meaning to contradict the `what most of us could have' with `what most of us get'. Yes intel macs don't use bios but they suffer from the quirks and hilarious limitations of the x86 processors.

Anyways the whole point I was trying to make is how sometimes I get the feeling that we get what we're given by Intel/IBM/Apple/whatever all happy and excited without questioning or doubt. I don't mean to preach or crusade but it all sounds like compromising and closing eyes before a truth that may be hard to face. But that could just be me ofcourse.

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