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Mac OS X Geekpatrol benchmarks Rosetta performance, and concludes: "I'm impressed with Rosetta; Geekbench performance running under Rosetta is 40% to 80% of what it is running natively. Plus, running Geekbench under Rosetta is comparable to running Geekbench natively on a Power Mac G5 1.6GHz (our baseline system), at least in the single-threaded tests."
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RE: Optimized for memory
by Disruptor on Thu 2nd Mar 2006 11:15 UTC in reply to "Optimized for memory"
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Ofcourse I agree with you. They are optimized for size. Ms compilers (just like all compilers other than icc) don't know any better. None but Apple has the specs from Intel to know how to optimize an executable to run well on Intel processors. So it's rather an `I can't' rather an `I don't want to' case for compiler-vendors when it comes to optimizing for speed on Intel processors. Optimizing for performance using a compiler other than icc won't get even close to the full potential of an Intel processor (see benchmarks of any compiler against icc). The _only_ Os out there that is _fully_fully_fully_ optimized for performace on Intel processors is OsX. Maybe Gcc with it's latest release produces better executables (in regard to execution-speed) for Intel processors, but from what I've heard it's nothing too fancy compared to the past (could be wrong - in a month or so we'll know for sure).

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