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X11, Window Managers The cooperation between the XGL and AIGLX projects to bring better interfaces for the Linux desktop continues as David Reveman (Novell) of XGL has agreed to adopt many changes from the AIGLX project sent in by Kristian Hogsberg (Red Hat).
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by diegocg on Thu 2nd Mar 2006 13:44 UTC
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just like aiglx is using the pixmap-to-texture extension and want to use compiz effects aswell, it seems to me that somehow media has managed to make people think that there's a "confrontation" between XGL vs AIGLX (just like SELinux vs apparmor) and people has spoken about "redhat vs novell" etc, when the fact is that is that this kind of competition is the rule (kde vs gnome, java vs mono, dbus vs dcop, gstreamer vs the alternatives) not the exception

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