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X11, Window Managers The cooperation between the XGL and AIGLX projects to bring better interfaces for the Linux desktop continues as David Reveman (Novell) of XGL has agreed to adopt many changes from the AIGLX project sent in by Kristian Hogsberg (Red Hat).
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web sites prefer flame wars
by JoeBuck on Thu 2nd Mar 2006 19:01 UTC
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The people who sell magazines or ads on their web sites get more ad views from controversy. The UK's Register takes that approach to an extreme; when one of their columnists writes something outrageous and false, everyone links to it, everyone checks out the site to see what the outrage is about; they all write in asking for the writer (usually Andrew Orlowski) to be fired, and the owners give old Andrew a bonus for raking in all the ad revenue.

So, "KDE and GNOME at each others' throats!" gets more hits than "KDE and GNOME cooperate", even though the latter is more common than the former.

For example, I submitted a Slashdot story describing the fact that Trolltech is adopting GNOME's glib for their event loop, so that GNOME and KDE code can be freely mixed in the same application, and that this will probably be in Qt 4.2. Once that happens, the war is pretty much over; everyone can freely mix and match KDE and GNOME code. Slashdot rejected the story. But any time a KDE advocate (often a non-developer) slams GNOME or vice versa, Slashdot will run the story.


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