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X11, Window Managers The cooperation between the XGL and AIGLX projects to bring better interfaces for the Linux desktop continues as David Reveman (Novell) of XGL has agreed to adopt many changes from the AIGLX project sent in by Kristian Hogsberg (Red Hat).
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RE: Too little too late
by abraxas on Thu 2nd Mar 2006 21:03 UTC in reply to "Too little too late"
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The technology in Vista blows away some hacked up XGL and whatever crap that RedHat puts out.

Oh really? You mean Windows Vista right? The OS that hasn't shipped yet.

Linux is great at putting out technology demos with no thought to the programming model to actually give app developers something to use.

App developers have nothing to do with this. The only changes necessary are drivers, X, and a compositing window manager.

Linux just continues to fall further behind windows and osx

That's funny because I haven't found the options for the hardware accelerated/3D desktop in XP yet. You mind showing me where those options exist?

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