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Internet Explorer Apparantly 3D browsers are the latest fad, as after uBrowser based on Mozilla Firefox, there is now SphereXplorer, a 3D browser based on Internet Explorer and SphereXP. Indulge yourself in screenshots, or just download and try it. Then, go to our comment section and explain the usefulness, if there is any.
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raver31 might have a "limited imagination", yours though is through the roof.
improved accessibility (ie. for people with handicaps, reduced screen real estate, etc)[i]
emmm that would just make things worse.
[i] It could be very useful for kiosk-type applications, advertising
we dont need more of that thank you
raster and geometry effects for 2D applications
emm.. also no. different libraries.

so it looks like you are one of them Kool-Aid guys raver31 was talking about

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