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KDE The ModdingDen has an interview with the lead developer of SimpleKDE, a cut-down, lightweight version of KDE. "The main reason is that we find KDE too cluttered and too bloated; and we want something faster, more simplistic and easier to use. Honestly, I'm pretty happy with my own KDE installation, but I especially observe beginners having difficulty in adapting themselves to it." The interview dates 9th January 2006, but since we never covered SimpleKDE on OSNews, it's interesting nonetheless. Read more about SimpleKDE at their website. And yes, boys and girls, there are screenshots too.
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Re: what i still miss
by miro on Fri 3rd Mar 2006 07:19 UTC
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Maybe you want to look at gento's split packages (ebuilds). They provide a package per app, some apps have their less often used plugins packaged separately (konq-plugins). However this is rather advanced stuff, you first have to know what you want;)

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