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Internet Explorer Apparantly 3D browsers are the latest fad, as after uBrowser based on Mozilla Firefox, there is now SphereXplorer, a 3D browser based on Internet Explorer and SphereXP. Indulge yourself in screenshots, or just download and try it. Then, go to our comment section and explain the usefulness, if there is any.
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RE: Re-Branded?
by Michael on Fri 3rd Mar 2006 12:15 UTC in reply to "Re-Branded?"
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i wonder if it realy covers an interface need

I think it does. Using an old, 2D Windows interface never leaves me thinking "Wow, this is so natural I hardly know I'm using it!" More often, I find myself swearing at it. Virtual desktops are a hack to reduce to problems of a design that was never intended (by the folks at Xerox) to be used this way. Even if this sucks, it should be commended just for being an alternative.

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