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RISC OS Hardware accelerated 3D graphics on RISC OS took a step closer to reality, thanks to Simon Wilson. He claims to have ported Mesa 3.2, a 3D graphics library that sports an OpenGL software interface. More importantly, he says he has also ported an Nvidia graphics accelerator from BeOS to harness the GeForce2 video card in the Iyonix to plot graphics fast in hardware.
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Is it just OpenBeOS(Haiku)
by Earl Colby pottinger on Thu 7th Jul 2005 20:19 UTC
Earl Colby pottinger
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I noticed lately that it seem a number of alt.OSs seem to depend of on Hakui's opensource to get things started.

Not that Haiku is doing it all, but the only open-source Hardware accelerated 3D graphics code I have heard about has been Haiku's. Everyone else seems to depend on wrappers around Windows drivers or used closed sourced drivers for the card.

Same with file systems. While there are some interesting open source journaled filesystems out there the only ones that offer both journaling, advance file attributes and live queries at the same time seem to be based on OpenBFS.

I am always surprised no-one ported OpenTracker to another OS.

And I just full of it? If not what else do you think people will port from Haiku in the future?

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