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Debian and its clones Linspire and one of its biggest desktop Linux rivals, Ubuntu, are talking about collaborating to offer Linspire's CNR (Click-N-Run) application download service to Ubuntu users. CNR is a subscription service ($20 annually) through which users can install thousands of software programs with 'literally' one click, CEO Kevin Carmony said. Ubuntu, according to the no. 1 most popular Linux distribution (as ascertained by number of clicks), has nothing like CNR available for its users. Both Linspire and Ubuntu are based on the Debian kernel.
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I like the idea. Yes Linspire will profit but its good for all. Think about the ease of use of installing files. Ubuntu will still be free and you can still apt-get if you want to.

Maybe this will be the start of game publishers moving to Linux, because we have a place to go to for easy installs. Come on thats only about $1.66US a month, that a 1 liter soda with tax in the US. A bag of chips is $.99 cents US. Who cares if Linspire profit, are they making a killing? NO. They need money to maintain updates, web site and connection.

They're not perse promoting there distro. Maybe just maybe adobe will finally port there stuff over. think long term no short term. Easy install more people might switch.

Just my 2 cents.

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