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Debian and its clones Linspire and one of its biggest desktop Linux rivals, Ubuntu, are talking about collaborating to offer Linspire's CNR (Click-N-Run) application download service to Ubuntu users. CNR is a subscription service ($20 annually) through which users can install thousands of software programs with 'literally' one click, CEO Kevin Carmony said. Ubuntu, according to the no. 1 most popular Linux distribution (as ascertained by number of clicks), has nothing like CNR available for its users. Both Linspire and Ubuntu are based on the Debian kernel.
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Ah ha!
by transami on Sat 4th Mar 2006 01:57 UTC
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So that's the plan. Which is why Ubuntu did not join DCC and why a ruich guy dumped a bunch of money what was sure to be a profitless Linux OS project.

It's a slow migration path to a commercial Linux. Novel Suse, say hello to Linspire Ubuntu.

Well maybe it's a good thing in the end really. OSS is great, but it seems like commercial interest is really neccessary to polish it off. Hopefully the future will bring a healthy balance. Today is one of extremes.

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