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Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption is a new feature in Windows Vista that provides enhanced data protection for your computer. BitLocker is Microsoft's response to one of their top customer requests: address the very real threats of data theft or exposure from lost, stolen or inappropriately decommissioned PC hardware and tightly integrate the solution into Windows. Windows Connected recently had an opportunity to ask the Windows Vista Bitlocker team a number of questions.
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RE: Linux Question
by Soulbender on Sat 4th Mar 2006 11:35 UTC in reply to "Linux Question"
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"Do all linux people act like jerks or are the nice people just quiet?"

No and yes. The nice ones are usually busy actually developing or using Linux so they dont have time for Linux vs. Microsoft, KDE vs. GNOME and similar trivial nonsense.

"I mean I am getting feed up with this crap about linux and I want to know if its some kind of brainwashing or what? "

It's the natural opposite of the Windows fanboi behaviour and it's just as annoying and stupid.

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