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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Mandriva One 2006 Beta 2 (an installable live CD) has been released. "The second beta of Mandriva Linux One 2006, our new installable live CD, is now available from most public mirror sites. This fixes a range of issues from the first beta." Download locations.
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by Hamman on Sat 4th Mar 2006 12:24 UTC
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barkley, I know you're just trolling because you're bored or something, but I'm bored too so I'll bite. If the Linux world should do as you wish and kill the community, kill off all projects but one in every cathegory, stop caring "about this freedom nonsense", and pretty much turn itself into Microsoft #2, why would anyone use it? The reason people use and support free software is because it aims to be very different from proprietairy software, not because it aims to be a Windows clone.

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