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Oracle and SUN Sun's CEO Scott McNealy has published an open letter to HP, proposing a merger of their respective UNIX platforms. In the past, Sun's top execs have been highly critical of HP-UX's future. Sun's president Jonathan Schwartz has repeatedly referred to the 'demise' and its troubled commitment to Intel's Itanium chip. Now, it seems, they've hit on a new idea. "We propose an alternative," writes McNealy in the letter, "that Sun and HP commit to converge HP-UX with Sun's flagship volume UNIX, Solaris 10.'
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by akro on Sat 4th Mar 2006 18:34 UTC
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As a current HP employee (not much longer though). I seriously doubt HP is taking this even seriously. Of course with hurd in charge maybe the C levels are considering this. Internally I am seeing a greater push for LinuxWindows and I keep hearing about OS devs (tru64,vms,HP-UX) getting replaced by indian coders. Of course what better way to cut costs then by outsourcing the whole OS. It wouldn't surprise me to find out if we had ports of HP-UX for x86. Maybe merge the two on x86 to fight off linux, however HP is very linux friendly and have close ties to RH and Suse...

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