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Windows A Microsoft developer and cryptographer responded in his blog to a news story by the BBC about the problems strong encryption built into Vista might cause for law enforcement. "Over my dead body," he said, regarding the possibilty of including a law-enforced backdoor in Vista.
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RE[3]: Lame
by Deviate_X on Sun 5th Mar 2006 01:27 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Lame"
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rtfa: "They're not allowed to compile to check so the code is unverifiable making it a nonsense that they can truely check for backdoors or whatever they wish to check for."

The ability to compile/or not compile source code is not as important as is the ability understand code and intentions. And by code I mean high-level (C/C++) and low-level languages (Assembly) - Machine Code.

Therefore anyone examining the source code would have to have deep understanding of assembler actually it would be a prerequisite given those significant parts of windows is written in assembly.

To such a person, talented enough, the high-level language code is just good reference material - as a matter of fact anyone with a debugger and time can walk through the assembly code and figure out whats going on now

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