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Novell and Ximian "It was not the best of quarters for Linux vendor Novell. When Novell announced its financial results for its first fiscal quarter, which ended Jan. 31, 2006, it reported revenue of $274 million [EUR 227 million], compared to revenue of $290 million [EUR 241 million] for the first fiscal quarter 2005. This was a decline from the previous quarter in which Novell had reported $320 million [EUR 266 million] of revenue."
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Like I said the GNU/Linux division is loosing money and cant carry its own weight and is dragging down the rest of the company.

Like I already said there not selling enough of them , they should be on par with Red Hat number of sale and even taking away there clients , its the opposite.

Like I already said the R&D on GNU/Linux at Novell is not on par with a good ROI. They spend billions and get millions in return. There promotion and publicity is as big as Red Hat and yet they loose to Red Hat 9 out of 10 time.

They need to stop there massive but not directed R&D investment in GNU/Linux and compare and figure out why they loose to Red Hat so often. Throwing money at a problem dont mean your gonna solve a problem. They need to work on there offers so that people say why use Red Hat when Novell offer more for less and is better cheaper and faster to maintain and is more secure.

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