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Microsoft While Microsoft faces a host of challenges in maintaining its market share numbers and persuading customers to upgrade to its 2007 Office System suite of products when released in the second half of this year, its competitors face an equally daunting task of winning users away from Office 2007 and growing their numbers. Heading the list of challenges facing Microsoft is the fact that Office 2007 has a new user interface, which could require extensive staff retraining at a significant cost, as well as a new file format, which has the potential to create compatibility issues.
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RE[8]: 2.0
by prokoudine on Sun 5th Mar 2006 19:24 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: 2.0"
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> Are you sure you've used Outlook and not just Outlook Express? Outlook is much more than just a mail program. In fact, it's extremely useful even if you never use it for email.

True. But if he never worked for a company of >50 people, he might have no idea why groupware is so critical for business and thus he might have no single chance to understand all the jazz ;-)

I would like to have 100% compatible with MS Office binary file formats to stop using the latter, but I don't think this will happen this year.

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