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Novell and Ximian "It was not the best of quarters for Linux vendor Novell. When Novell announced its financial results for its first fiscal quarter, which ended Jan. 31, 2006, it reported revenue of $274 million [EUR 227 million], compared to revenue of $290 million [EUR 241 million] for the first fiscal quarter 2005. This was a decline from the previous quarter in which Novell had reported $320 million [EUR 266 million] of revenue."
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RE: Slow Development
by grat on Sun 5th Mar 2006 22:05 UTC in reply to "Slow Development"
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Truthfully, the report could have been spun two different ways:

1) "Novell's open source and identity management divisions are making huge increases over last year, while the Netware kernel continues to lose ground as it is slowly phased out."

2) "Novell is losing ground in it's core Netware business. In other news, they've had some success with open source and identity management."

The article went with #2, because it's more dramatic. But both 1 and 2 essentially say the same thing as what the article linked to reported.

Keep in mind, NLD isn't for a home user, and it's not even for the average linux geek-- It's for a tightly controlled, centrally managed linux desktop in a corporate environment.

OES is either a netware kernel which is rapidly becoming unusable (as a NW admin from 4.10 to present, I can safely say the current kernel is bloatware), or a SLES distribution with the same eDirectory, ZenWorks, iPrint, etc. bolted on top. In it's current form, it's a bit rough, and needs work. But it's a good start.

The openSuSE team *is* their R&D center-- Both NLD 10 and SLES 10 (And thus the next OES version, which I expect won't have a netware kernel) are going to be based on openSuSE 10.x.

The real problem is that Novell has some of the worst marketing in existence. For years, we've joked about Novell's "Stealth Marketing Division"... Only it's not a joke. It's a hard, cold, reality, that means while I've had centrally managed windows workstations since 1997, most of the industry is completely unaware of what Zenworks can do.

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