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Novell and Ximian "It was not the best of quarters for Linux vendor Novell. When Novell announced its financial results for its first fiscal quarter, which ended Jan. 31, 2006, it reported revenue of $274 million [EUR 227 million], compared to revenue of $290 million [EUR 241 million] for the first fiscal quarter 2005. This was a decline from the previous quarter in which Novell had reported $320 million [EUR 266 million] of revenue."
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You dont realise that Ximian , Red Carpet , Mono are all part of the GNU/Linux division.

And how much are they spending on maintaining and pushing those pieces of software forwards? Suse already had a packaging and update system (now being ripped out and replaced apparently), and just how much do they sell as a result of having Mono in their distribution?

Does anyone say "Oh, we can do .Net development on Linux" and buy OES and SLES as a result? No, they don't. That's the material point, therefore it simply doesn't make any money.

What they're selling to people might sound lovely to open source people and people who frequent these forums, but it is absolutely meaningless to people out there in the real world.

Wrong as usual.

Do you know what R & D is? Professing opinions without reasoning does not make your woeful lack of knowledge any better.

Oh, and do quote and reply to whole paragraphs which have the actual points in them. You just make yourself look like an idiot otherwise.

I agree , I know you dont have the answer either.

Hmmm. Rather than picking single sentences out, maybe your attention span can stretch to a whole paragraph or two like this one? :-

"'s down to the fact that Novell is not seen as a Linux company by many, they're still pushing Netware (OES) and eDirectory (so people perceive them not to have changed) and OES is simply not a Linux distribution. There are fees attached, as well as the service and support, which is all Red Hat charges for.

The reason why Novell loses out to Windows is because people are simply using Netware and Novell to manage a Windows environment. There's a lot of duplication, because if you manage a Windows network then you need to have Active Directory and all your employees in it. All of that may be synchronised from eDirectory, but you're still at a disadvantage. Why maintain two directory services infrastructures?"

I think you'll find those are where the actual points are ;-).

I dont believe anything you say if I cant confirm it from a trusted source.

And your bollocks comes from.....what trusted source exactly?

It's called looking at Novell financials and making observations and logical reasoning based on what I see in the real world - in many Novell using companies ;-). If you don't like what's being said, rather than talking rubbish and replying to your own select sentences, just say so.

I know some people just don't like what's being said and blow a fuse. Maybe they see Novell as some messiah that will continue to blindly bankroll many open source projects, but I'm afraid that isn't going to continue to be the case.

Nothing you have ever said to me or read about when you talked about Novell/SUSE or SUSE whas ever accurate.

He, he, he. Such as? Oh, and nice way of avoiding responding to the points made.

Wrong as usual.

If one take there revnue alone they are doing great , I dont think anyone making 54 million in revenue is ever going to complain

Hmmm. Where does this 54 million come from (for Novell's OES, OSS business it's 56 million)? OK, I'll humour you.

Wrong. You do complain if you have Novell's fixed costs :-).

However, you're not thinking of the future, as any good business person should. Mind you, I doubt whether you think ahead much. 54 million (or 56 for Novell, which is what's in the article ;-)) is an absolute drop in the ocean with all the server business out there. Microsoft wouldn't even get out of bed for that.

The point is that if you're living in a Windows world, you're using and relying on Samba in your distribution and your customers are using another directory services infrastructure (eDirectory, RHDS) over the top of Active Directory, as many businesses using Novell software are doing, you are always on to a loser in the long-term.

Red Hat and Novell kid themselves that they can make money out of the high-end stuff, and take money away from Unix. They can't. The thing that threatens them they just don't want to face.

Given those threats, that kind of revenue can disappear just like that. It's nothing. Yes, even for Red Hat as well. I know this might shock you, but many Linux companies are built on shaky foundations.

problem is that to get this 54 million they paid billions.

Errrr, right. Thank you for making the point. When you have that kind of return, even after three years, your bank manager will call that 'going out of business'. You may have a cash pile to keep going, but there's just no future.

Your point is....what exactly?

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