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Novell and Ximian "It was not the best of quarters for Linux vendor Novell. When Novell announced its financial results for its first fiscal quarter, which ended Jan. 31, 2006, it reported revenue of $274 million [EUR 227 million], compared to revenue of $290 million [EUR 241 million] for the first fiscal quarter 2005. This was a decline from the previous quarter in which Novell had reported $320 million [EUR 266 million] of revenue."
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"And how much ... their distribution? "

Apparently not enough , you seem to think that they had no value.

"Does anyone say "Oh, we can do .Net development on Linux" and buy OES and SLES as a result? No, they don't. "

I would not be so bold in your false claim , you would be really surprised of learning the opposite.

"What they're ... real world. "

Another stupid Open Source comment , Microsoft and Apple are built on Open Source , but thats not real world enough for you. Semms to me the on who is clueless and out of touch with reality is you.

"Do you know what R & D is?"

Yes , I can even say that you really dont.

"Professing opinions without reasoning does not make your woeful lack of knowledge any better."

I dont make baseless opinion like you do ;-)

"Oh, and do quote and reply to whole paragraphs which have the actual points in them. You just make yourself look like an idiot otherwise. "

You dont have any point and anything valid or of value to say. Thats my point entirely.

"Hmmm. Rather than picking single sentences out, maybe your attention span can stretch to a whole paragraph or two like this one? :- "

I actually replyed to it entirely :

The only thing valid you said whas :

"That's quite complex to answer"

To which I replyed :

"I agree , I know you dont have the answer either. "

"I think you'll find those are where the actual points are ;-)."

No , because like I said you dont have a realistic view of Novell , hence anything you will say about it is down right inaplicable and wrong.

"And your bollocks comes from.....what trusted source exactly? "

Novell for one.

"It's called looking ... real world "

Nope , its called your interpretation and missinformation of how you think Novell financial is in you own little bubble.

" If you don't like what's being said, rather than talking rubbish and replying to your own select sentences, just say so. "

I dont talk rubbish , I just say clearly and without an once of doubt that your wrong , its called refuting lies and bulshit where I come from.

"I know some people just don't like what's being said and blow a fuse"

No , I just dont like your lies , nothing personnal , you can be a great person , your just clueless and lying in this case , sorry to burt your personnal paranoia bubble.

"Maybe they see Novell as some messiah that will continue to blindly bankroll many open source projects, but I'm afraid that isn't going to continue to be the case."

I really like how some people mix religion with actual business information. I get your false point , I also clearly get that you dont like Open Source. Dont worry it will come to pass whne you realise that Open Source is at the base for everything and that it mke more money then closed source in the long run for everyone.

"Hmmm. Where does this 54 million come from (for Novell's OES, OSS business it's 56 million)? OK, I'll humour you. "

Why dont you tell me , where a 54 nillion might come from.

"Wrong. You do complain if you have Novell's fixed costs :-). "

No , but thats been one of your false point all along.

"However, you're not thinking of the future"

Really , because youve been wrong about Novell and me before ...

"as any good ... business out there."

Your starting to get everyone point. Go on ...

"Microsoft wouldn't even get out of bed for that."

You really dont know microsoft that well either.

"The point is that if you're living in a Windows world"

Its a novell topic. There is no Windows world outside of the desktop.

"as many businesses using Novell software are doing, you are always on to a loser in the long-term. "

Because Novell surviving Microsoft make them loser. You really have a strange view of the real world.

"Red Hat and Novell kid themselves that they can make money out of the high-end stuff, and take money away from Unix"

They already do , a lot too ;-) , but thats reality , not your made up world ;-)

"The thing that threatens them they just don't want to face. "

What would that be , more of your nonsense ?

"Given those threats"

I am glad you whent specific on which threat you speak of ...

"that kind of revenue ... shaky foundations. "

There built on GNU/Linux. I know its a solid foundation.

"Errrr, right. Thank you for making the point."

No problem , you seem to be keeping the same wrong point you had from the beginning do tha the problem is the other division at Novell do ...

"When you have that kind of return, even after three years, your bank manager will call that 'going out of business'. "

You might need to discuss reality with your bank manager , before stating comment he would never make.

"You may have a cash pile to keep going, but there's just no future. "

Because we all know that cash pile is not what mathers , you need SUSE bankrupt and unable to pay the bill on itself to be able to have a working solution. Your wrong ...

"Your point is....what exactly?"

Its all written , in this post and other , you just need to read them. BTW , Yes the article say 56 million.

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