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Apple Ars reviews the Mac Mini Core Solo, and concludes: "Because this machine maintains the same great form factor and adds a ton of new, standard features in addition to having substantially better performance with only a price increase of $100 on each model, I'm giving the Mac Mini Solo a score of 8. The integrated graphics issue is an issue to be sure, but the impacted population is so small and the cure so easily fixed, that I don't feel that knocking the score down any further is warranted. From nearly all other perspectives, this is a great entry level machine with a great footprint and the ability to utilize peripherals most people already have." On a related note, the new Mini's processor is upgradable.
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by Jimmy on Mon 6th Mar 2006 21:48 UTC
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I just wish Apple would have kept selling the G4 Minis, and maybe sell them for $399 or something. I know about the whole shift to Intel chips, but didn't Steve Jobs say that the PowerPC architecture would be supported for several years? All these Intel machines are coming a lot sooner than expected, and it seems that Apple just wants to kill off PPC support.

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