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Mac OS X Gaining root access to a Mac is 'easy pickings', according to an individual who won an OS X hacking challenge last month by gaining root control of a machine using an unpublished security vulnerability. On February 22, a Sweden-based Mac enthusiast set his Mac Mini as a server and invited hackers to break through the computer's security and gain root control, which would allow the attacker to take charge of the computer and delete files and folders or install applications. Within hours of going live, the 'rm-my-mac' competition was over. The challenger posted this message on his Web site: "This sucks. Six hours later this poor little Mac was owned and this page got defaced".
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RE: Missing the point
by someone on Mon 6th Mar 2006 23:36 UTC in reply to "Missing the point"
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I agree with the second part: Apple need to be more aggressive about fixing security bugs. They should also find better ways to address social engineering attacks (for example, making it easier to distinguish between a file and an application package).

However, you should also notice that many Macs are behind a router and/or ipfw.

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