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Windows However old, Windows 3.x is still being used. Calmira XP 4.0 beta gives the Windows 3.x desktop the WinXP look-and-feel. In this new version an XP taskbar has been added, and even experimental support for long file names. Other things Calmira includes is the XP login screen, and more. And here it is, boys and girls, the obligatory screenshot.
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Lipstick on a Pig
by Hae-Yu on Tue 7th Mar 2006 01:55 UTC
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Why anyone would still use Win 3.11 as a desktop OS is beyond me. I would rather maintain a super computer than a desktop OS in an office or (heaven's no!!) relative's home environment. Users, God help them. The big point is: why would you put a multitasking UI on top of an OS that barely supports multitasking? If you use those old systems (win 3.11, OS 8...), you probably don't multitask much and the UI, as is, is well suited for those original uses.

As to the critical infrastructure statement - much of your air traffic is on Win 3.11 and DOS. If it does what you need, why not use the 3000 year old shovel over a jackhammer? (FYI - the FAA software that bugged in CA in '04 was caused by the software on top, not the platform itself). A lot of critical systems run on older software - 3.11, DOS, Solaris 2.6 & 5.8, NT4SP6 that I personally work with. It takes so long for a system to work it's way through the evaluation process, it is well out of date by the time it is rolled out. But it is stable and it does its job.

People really have to understand that IT purposes are only a fraction of the computer market.

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