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X11, Window Managers Kristian Hogsberg (Red Hat) has been hacking on Compiz and AIGLX to run them together and has managed to do it with impressive performance. "With a bit of hacking, I managed to get compiz (and glxcompmgr) running on aiglx. I'm running it on my i830 laptop, and the performance is actually quite impressive."
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Great news!!
by Howie S on Tue 7th Mar 2006 17:45 UTC
Howie S
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After the recent post on "XGL To Adopt AIGLX Changes", it's great to see the fruit of these two coding efforts mixing and matching so well, (and so early!) It's also good to see that not only is xgl going to be benefitting from aiglx, but that aiglx users will also be benefitting from Novell's work on Compiz. Horray for open source! Horray for people seeing and making use of opportunities to further open source development that goes beyond the balkanized "my project is better than your project", closed-minded, flame-warring mentality.

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