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Windows However old, Windows 3.x is still being used. Calmira XP 4.0 beta gives the Windows 3.x desktop the WinXP look-and-feel. In this new version an XP taskbar has been added, and even experimental support for long file names. Other things Calmira includes is the XP login screen, and more. And here it is, boys and girls, the obligatory screenshot.
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Special software
by Jimmy on Tue 7th Mar 2006 21:12 UTC
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I remember working part time at a little store several years ago (around 1999) that sold packaging materials (cardboard, peanuts, etc) and shipped stuff out through UPS and Fedex. We used an old computer from 1994, made by Zenith Computer Systems that ran Windows 3.1. It was a nice little machine, but everyday I worked I wondered why they had not upgraded the machine.

I racked my brains wondering why they used such an old machine, especially when they had new Pentium II machines that they used for a internet cafe type ordeal.

Turns out the POS computer programs they were using were 16-bit Windows applications that would not work in W9x. The company did not want to switch software, or hire someone to write a new program, and were basically stuck using 3.1 systems.

Since then, I have come across a lot of small businesses that still use 3.1 for their special software. I think Calmira XP is awesome for these environments.

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