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X11, Window Managers Kristian Hogsberg (Red Hat) has been hacking on Compiz and AIGLX to run them together and has managed to do it with impressive performance. "With a bit of hacking, I managed to get compiz (and glxcompmgr) running on aiglx. I'm running it on my i830 laptop, and the performance is actually quite impressive."
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by CrimsonScythe on Wed 8th Mar 2006 04:00 UTC in reply to "Great"
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Since Thom rather would spend his time mocking you over your question than to just explain short what they are, I'll try to quickly answer you.

"Compiz is one of the first OpenGL-accelerated compositing window managers for the X Window System." from the Wikipedia page:

"AIGLX is 'Accelerated Indirect GL X'. AIGLX is a project that aims to enable GL-accelerated effects on a standard desktop." From the project page:

Which I guess is a different way of saying "AIGLX is a fancy-pants version of X."

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