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X11, Window Managers Kristian Hogsberg (Red Hat) has been hacking on Compiz and AIGLX to run them together and has managed to do it with impressive performance. "With a bit of hacking, I managed to get compiz (and glxcompmgr) running on aiglx. I'm running it on my i830 laptop, and the performance is actually quite impressive."
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Dunno what to think.
by mike hess on Wed 8th Mar 2006 05:17 UTC
mike hess
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if what David Reveman said about Xgl vs AiXgl is true, i much prefer the approach Xgl is taking.

According to him, AiXgl will require drivers to be fairly sophisticated and Linux-centric. Xgl, on the other hand requires only an OpenGL implementation.

Also, David's approach has been more manager-agnostic meaning the technology is equally suited to Gnome, KDE, XFCE, etc while Red Hat's technology seems give preferential treatment to Metacity.

Regardless, this news is clearly another win for Gnu/linux as a desktop, and for Open/Free software as a philosophy. Two similar projects are mutually benefitting from eachother's work. That's the real story here, and its very good news.

PS: i agree with Thom's treatment of the poster above. Its not about snobber or insult, its about not wasting comment space on easily self-answered questions.

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