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Intel Intel demonstrated two quad-core processors Tuesday, 'Clovertown' for servers and 'Kentsfield' for PCs, directing attention toward the future during a more troubled present. Pat Gelsinger, a senior vice president in Intel's Digital Enterprise Group, demonstrated both processors in a speech at the company's Intel Developer Forum here. Both chips are built using Intel's 65-nanometer manufacturing process and will ship in the first quarter of 2007, Intel representatives said.
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I'm developing very cpu intensive statistical applications (read data, do stuff) and I constantly test different systems performance (Intel, AMD, Itanium, Power, Sparc, etc.) and I have to say that AMD Opteron cpus are best.

Your test results do not say about general chips performance but rather about architecture of your particular application. Either your application is highly memory intensive (Which Power cpu you have tested, Power4 or Power5? The latter has on-die memory controller) or there is some non-optimised algorightms used.

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