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X11, Window Managers Kristian Hogsberg (Red Hat) has been hacking on Compiz and AIGLX to run them together and has managed to do it with impressive performance. "With a bit of hacking, I managed to get compiz (and glxcompmgr) running on aiglx. I'm running it on my i830 laptop, and the performance is actually quite impressive."
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RE: wow
by Ookaze on Wed 8th Mar 2006 13:31 UTC in reply to "wow"
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I'm speechless. Just when I have given up on the OSS community being inovative they really come arround and create something icredible

Even though it's not that innovative, and is underway since a long time.
Anyway, what I wanted to say, is that thinkings like yours seem recurrent with people that follow FOSS from the outside.
I use FOSS exclusively for a long time, and I remember there was a time where I was amazed every week at what I could do, that I could on no other system, and discovered new features every week. Now I'm spoiled, so I'm not amazed, but not surprised either.

If this technology is marketed well linux might actually have a chance on the desktop. The next year ot 2 might turn out to be really good years for the comunity

Since 1999 when I started using Linux, I've yet to see a year that wasn't very good for the community, despite episodes like SCO.
To the contrary, I remember having to find arguments to say Linux is viable (even on the desktop), while now, I just have to break the regular FUD that says Linux is not as better as we see.

with MS releasing another batch of even more overbloated software ( Vista + Office 12 ). Well OSS doesn't yet provide an office suite that is quite as good or as capable as MS Office but the current offerings are not that much off

Here for example. Before, when I started using FOSS in 1999, people were comparing Linux to Win1995, then quickly to 1998, and the desktops where just starting on Linux. We did not talk about the clueless end user, Linux was just too hard for them at the time. Now, people have to compare current Linux OSs with "Vista + Office 12", products of MS that are not even out yet and cost a LOT more !!!! I find this really amazing ! Especially given the fact that the desktop and OSs are the main field of MS.

Several times, I've seen people write how they were surprised of the state of FOSS that they've given up one year before.

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