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Mac OS X Here are the results of the challenge launched by the Unversity of Wisconsin to test OS X against hacking. "The response has been very strong; traffic to the host spiked at over 30 Mbps. Most of the traffic, aside from casual web visitors, was web exploit scripts, ssh dictionary attacks, and scanning tools such as Nessus. The machine was under intermittent DoS attacks. During the two brief periods of denial of service, the host remained up. The test machine was a Mac mini (PowerPC) running Mac OS X 10.4.5 with Security Update 2006-001, had two local accounts, and had ssh and http open with their default configurations. There were no successful access attempts during the 38 hour duration of the test period."
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RE: What to think about all this?
by someone on Wed 8th Mar 2006 15:13 UTC in reply to "What to think about all this?"
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I am wondering how come you have decided to format your PB.

It is not difficult to protect yourself from spywares in case they come up on OS X. Just create another admin account and disable the admin privilege for your present account. Also, disabling the open "safe" file option in Safari also helps. Lastly, you can enable the display of file extensions under Finder's preference (Yes, this will display the .app extension)

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