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Linux "Michael Dell, chairman of Dell Inc. believes in offering Linux on the desktop, server, and workstation. What he doesn't believe in, for now, is giving Linux full support on the desktop. In an exclusive interview, Dell explained his company's Linux desktop strategy to's Steven J. Vaughan Nichols."
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I've been saying it for years
by Vanders on Wed 8th Mar 2006 15:56 UTC
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The Linux market is far too fragmented to seriously attract ISVs and OEMs. Michael Dell and I seem to agree.

The people who are saying Dell should supply "just" drivers are missing the point. Such a scheme is totally unsupportable from Dells point of view. It doesn't solve the problem anyway; what format should the drivers be distributed in? What kernel versions should those drivers be available for? Whos responsibility is it to write and test these drivers? How can Dell support customers who have problems with their drivers on their chosen distribution? Such a scheme has more problems than simply picking a single distribution.

Another suggestion is that Dell should only sell hardware that has drivers available already. Now it just happens that most hardware inside a Dell machine do already have Open drivers, but do you seriously expect Dell not to offer systems with the latest ATI Radeon video cards, or laptops with WiFi chipsets that may not have Open drivers?

OEMs and ISVs just don't care too much about Linux because it's simply far to much work for them. Sorry guys.

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