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OSNews, Generic OSes Even a small operating system can have big disputes within its community. The lead developer of MenuetOS, an OS written in assembly, has decided to drop all support for the 32bit version of Menuet, focusing development on the 64bit version. However, disgruntled users of the open source operating system are trying to keep the 32bit version alive by starting a special forum for it.
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RE: Responsive
by Brendan on Thu 9th Mar 2006 01:28 UTC in reply to "Responsive"
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Don't believe the marketting...

Performance depends a lot on algorithms, and can be effected by supporting more features. The actual language used makes little difference (and no I'm not biased - I've been programming 80x86 assembly for a decade).

For 32-bit MenuetOS, IMHO the algorithms used aren't very good (based on what I noticed while running an older version and looking at some of the latest 32 bit kernel source code), but there aren't really any features slowing it down.

I'm not sure about the 64 bit version though - I haven't tried it and it seems to be closed source.

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