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OSNews, Generic OSes Even a small operating system can have big disputes within its community. The lead developer of MenuetOS, an OS written in assembly, has decided to drop all support for the 32bit version of Menuet, focusing development on the 64bit version. However, disgruntled users of the open source operating system are trying to keep the 32bit version alive by starting a special forum for it.
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RE: Never understood...
by umccullough on Thu 9th Mar 2006 02:53 UTC in reply to "Never understood..."
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Maybe he's reached a point where he'd like to develop a closed-source OS that he can sell as an embedded OS?

Has anyone ever asked him why and gotten an answer? Probably... but I wouldn't know where to find that information.

If you think about it though, a good 64-bit assembly-written OS could have a very nice future in embedded systems... he stands a good chance of profiting from his hobby.

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