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Linux Yellow Dog Linux version 4.1, which has been available directly from Terrasoft Solutions since early January, is now available for free download from their various mirrors. This is essentially a recompile of Fedora Core 4 specifically for PowerPC's, with extra polished support for Apple's Macs.
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> Right, and Redhat EL4 "based off FC4" is??

In fact, RHEL4 is "based off FC3" to be precise - it's basically FC3 "baked" for several months longer w.r.t. testing and also certified with various server hardware (e.g. HP, Dell, IBM). Plus RHEL4 comes with support (phone/Web/patches for 5-7 years) as well.

You'd have made a better argument about RHEL4 vs. CentOS 4 - it's surprising that YDL didn't base their latest distro on CentOS because it would have a direct "enterprise" lineage in that case.

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