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Microsoft Samsung will enter the US computer market in April as the launch partner for Microsoft's new UltraMobile PC or 'Origami' platform. Launched this morning at the CeBit technology show in Hannover Germany, this smaller tablet PC fits between hand-held Portable Media Centers and more traditional tablet/notebook computers. Samsung's unit, scheduled to go on sale in April, is expected to cost under $1000 [EUR 840]. There's a batch of photos of the devices too. In addition, the 3rd video on the Origami website is also up.
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I think it would be useful
by Hae-Yu on Thu 9th Mar 2006 23:19 UTC
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I don't know what all the naysayers are going on about.
Yeah, cut the price down and make battery life workable. MS knows it, hardware makers know it.

I find laptops a pain to carry around on a daily basis and they aren't the greatest on a periodic basis. Something this size is perfect for carrying around.

Much better than laptops. You can't walk around with a laptop. I have an iPod and it isn't useful at all for showing photos, unless you hook it up to your AV. It's too small. Let's not even talk video. iPod+ video=stupid. PDAs aren't that useful for applications beyond contacts, schedules and notes. As document or web viewers they are just too small. PDA phones are too big to be used as a phone. This size would be a good compromise between having a laptop and a phone.

No it's not a Photoshop/ Illustrator tool. I prefer the largest monitor I can.
Stick a GPS RX in there and a good mapping app. You can EASILY walk around with this on a street.
I saw a Smart Display a few years ago at CES that was a home remote control. Beautiful. This could fill in that purpose too.
While foldout paper schematics will always be the best, this could serve the purpose easier than a PDA and be more portable than a laptop. Maintainers on a flightline or in the field will probably find this more useful. Charts in a hospital or in an industrial environment.

Video viewer, photo viewer (not editor), document viewer, ebook reader, etc or web browser. As an editor, I haven't seen a small factor input that I like. You can take it anywhere.

Integrated camera for video chatting while you sit on the couch or bed. IM work is useful.

It looks practical. Flesh it out some - apps, UI, etc and it could work.

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