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Java "We recently received an email asking for a 'What Is Java' entry on the O'Reilly Network What Is site. Who could possibly not know what Java is in 2006? After ten years of books, websites, and conferences, doesn't everyone know what Java is? Apparently not. After all, things have changed. For every dusty definition that speaks of applets and Just-In-Time compilers, there are new directions and new realities that have settled in, understood by many, yet not always completely documented."
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RE[2]: Java "high-performance" ?
by sergio on Thu 9th Mar 2006 23:36 UTC in reply to "RE: Java "high-performance" ?"
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"People now have P4s. I wonder how Java 1.5 would perform on a P1 MMX system compared to Java 1.1"

I have a P1-233 MMX server running Slackware Linux and Sun Java5. Tomcat takes time to start, but works fine.

Java needs tons of RAM, but not that much CPU.

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