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Features, Office At CeBIT today, Microsoft unveiled an updated version of their 'ribbon' user interface, used in Office 2007. They even set up a special page for it. Jensen Harris of Microsoft explains more about it on his blog. On a related note, this article goes a little deeper into the vs. MS Office debate.
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RE[2]: It's good but..
by Nelson on Fri 10th Mar 2006 02:10 UTC in reply to "RE: It's good but.."
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Fully agreed, sadly little is done to actually teach them why to use the things and what they pertain to. It seems more like "Here is this feature, here is how it looks whe n you use it: Cool huh?".

For example I'm currently taking an Office 2003 Class (As extremely boring as it is) and this is how things are done. This may not be the ideal way, but I doubt the teachers are exactly looking torwards the future. Else they wouldn't be teaching us Office 2003 which won't be used as widely as Office 12 in the future (Assuming it doesn't suck)

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