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Windows Microsoft revealed today that it will not support EFI booting for Windows Vista on its launch. The news will be a shock for owners of Intel Macs who had hoped they would be able to dual-boot between Windows Vista and OS X. Intel Macs only support booting via EFI.
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RE: no, Vista is a lot more
by timosa on Fri 10th Mar 2006 06:35 UTC in reply to "no, Vista is a lot more"
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Macs can get in the club too if Steve Jobs agrees to ship similarly crippled systems and makes sure that no device can allow Hollywood's precious bodily fluids to escape. If they play it right, they can try to force everyone to buy new hardware, because the older hardware will be blocked out of DRM paradise.

Remember that not everyone needs Hollywood. Even if they do there are other hardware alternatives to play the Hollywood content than your only computer.

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