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GNU, GPL, Open Source "Fans of open source software have been buzzing since Linus Torvalds, creator of the popular Linux operating system, indicated he wouldn't adopt a new version of the license under which Linux is distributed. Torvalds' opinion matters because his program is by far the most popular open source program in the world. In an interview via e-mail with Forbes, Torvalds discusses GPLv3, digital rights management and sharks with laser beams. "From where I'm standing, [the GPLv3] says that you suddenly can't use the software in certain 'evil ways' (where evil is defined by the FSF--it doesn't actually cover the James Bond kind of evil, but if you can see Richard Stallman as a less dashing James Bond, it would be that kind of evil)."
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RE[2]: Is Linus still confused?
by Disruptor on Fri 10th Mar 2006 14:26 UTC in reply to "RE: Is Linus still confused?"
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"People should have the right to choose for themselves rather than the FSF making their choices for them."

Same applies for DRM ...

People should have the right to choose for themselves rather than the DRM making their choices for them.

The bottom line is who do you trust best that it `will do the right thing'? DRM will *force* you to accept it's policies sooner or later - I'm sure you can feel that. But realistically FSF will *never* force you to use it's software or adhere to it's policies if you don't want to. FSF is all about protecting rights.

The way I see it DRM (the way it's *actually* going to be used) is inherently illegal. And it's _despite_ of this fact (instead of `because' of it), that all this is *our* problem. The government of the USA doesn't seem to give damn about what is right or what rights citizens have. Actually not many others other than the FSF guys seem to care about this stuff.

When it comes to facing things like DRM I think that it's better for us to hang from each other, otherwise we will be hanged apart.

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