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Opera Software Opera is now fully Acid2 compliant. Its latest preview build fixes the last missing feature that was preventing the test page from rendering correctly. Other improvements in this release: fixed crasher on Flash; added experimental support for opening Web archives; improved display of content blocker toolbar; added keyboard shortcuts Cmd+[ and Cmd+] for back/forward on Mac; and much more.
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RE: From what I've heard...
by AxXium on Sat 11th Mar 2006 05:24 UTC in reply to "From what I've heard..."
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QUOTE *Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've heard that Acid2 Test isn't all about 100% pure standards, but instead includes some non-standard codes to see whether the web browser ignores non-standard codes or not.* /QUOTE

You are correct about that. Reading the info at confirms just that. This is what they say:

QUOTE *Acid2 tests features that web designers have been requesting. Everything that Acid2 tests is specified in a Web standard, but not all Web standards are tested. Acid2 does not guarantee conformance with any specification. After careful consideration, we have selected and are testing the features we consider most important for the future of the web. Although Acid2 was inspired by Microsoft's announcement of IE7, it is not targeted at a specific browser. We believe Acid2 will highlight problems in all current browsers./QUOTE

In essence, it tests a browsers support for the features that web designers have been requesting in hopes that those requests will soon become a reality.

It's like "I double-dog dare you, no, I triple-dog dare you" in hopes that they can trick the browser developers to take on the challenge, so the coders get what they want, hehe

sneaky, sneaky :-)

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