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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "I'm writing to propose a six week delay in the release date of Dapper, in order to do additional validation, certification, localisation, and polish. Work towards our feature goals for Dapper is very much on target. However, in some senses Dapper is a 'first' for us, in that it is the first 'enterprise quality' release of Ubuntu, for which we plan to offer support for a very long time. I, and others, would very much like Dapper to stand proud amongst the traditional enterprise linux releases from Red Hat, Debian and SUSE as an equal match on quality, support and presentation." And on a related note, Ubuntu now runs on Sun's UltraSPARC T1 (Niagara) processor too.
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polite tics
by Guido Draheim on Sat 11th Mar 2006 11:14 UTC
Guido Draheim
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It feels a bit like politics - you need to listen to the words that are not said, or told with a charming chime. From there one can only guess and previous posters have done some. Just one last word - Marc Shuttleworth knows business. We know he knows. Assume he has pondered seriously about this move to be worthwhile.

No I don't have ubuntu. Not yet. I am looking at it sharply for the years of discussions with the debian fans. Debian itself had spurred more special purpose offsprings than the rest overall. But it was too slow for the software junkies who want to run the latest stuff always. And ubuntu was going to fill the need.

So personally, I would not rate any noted stability problems too high. The side remarks on a flourishing ecosystem seem interesting. Including ecosystems not noted as headlines .. with ISPs drafting their own offspring based on ubuntu material. Perhaps they have asked for slight delay? For some extra feature? Then, oh well then, it would be a serious business move.

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