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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y OSNews regular Kaiwai takes a superficial look at Vista and MacOS 10.4/10.5, and concludes: "To say that the changes in Windows Vista are only skin deep is missinformed to say the least; spend some time reading those sources I have listed, and even if you don't have a desire to run Windows Vista or particular interested in Windows based technology, it does provide some good resources explaining the changes and rationale behind those choices made. So from a purely technical point of view, Windows Vista is actually looking a whole lot more interesting than what the detractors have been saying in the computer press about the current direction."
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by Ford Prefect on Sun 12th Mar 2006 19:43 UTC
Ford Prefect
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He talks about XPS and how great it is to have an unique, bugless format for printing. I just ask, what is Postscript for then? It is standardized decades ago, even human readable and just works... Will there be printers which can interpret XPS themselves? I bet no.

I don't like how everybody talks for years what will be included in the upcoming windows release (this time: Vista). Most people don't really know anything about it, others know some things, but there is a lot no one really can have a clue of. Mostly, people told about features which never really showed up.

Microsoft had this strategy from the beginning - getting the people to compare their competitor's actual software with what could be "expected" from MS in the next two years. Look at OS/2 3.0, which was released, had fully 32bit code, a strong object oriented graphical desktop, real cpu scheduling and so on. Most people (alike the press!) didn't give much about it and better talked (wrote) about what could be or not in Windows "4.0" (which would be released as '95 2 years later)...

So, no thanks, I won't do the mistake and wait forever for what Microsoft tells me I should wait for. I see what I can have from them *now* and it isn't really mindblowing. In Q3, or better Q4, I will have still time left (which I saved this time) to compare the real thing!

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