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Apple Dan Kusnetzky, Apple program vice president, spoke to PC Pro News at IDC and said that Apple has no plans to support booting into Vista on the new Intel Macs. However, a Microsoft spokesman said that Microsoft would have no problem granting a Windows licence to Apple, in exactly the same way it currently provides licences to Dell and HP: "Microsoft would support Apple the same way it supports every other PC manufacturer." But Dan Kusnetzky said it would be difficult to know who would support that machine if Windows was running on a Mac. However, "no doubt someone will work out how to run Windows on the Mac, even if Apple doesn't technically support that."
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by Network23 on Sun 12th Mar 2006 19:47 UTC
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Can anyone explain why MacOS X 10.4.5 runs perfectly on my IBM laptop?

Yes, it is Maxxus version but explain why it runs *perfectly* on my IBM laptop - including support for wLan, BlueTooth, network cards, USB, special keys, special IBM function keys, the trackpointer etc.

This isn't anything added by Maxxus. It must have been included by Apple. This is certainly nothing of use if you have a Mac, especially support for the trackpoint, IBM-keys etc.

MacOS X 10.4.5 is way more compatible with my IBM laptop than Windows XP where I have to install separate network drivers, wireless drivers, monitor drivers, keyboard drivers etc.


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