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Apple Dan Kusnetzky, Apple program vice president, spoke to PC Pro News at IDC and said that Apple has no plans to support booting into Vista on the new Intel Macs. However, a Microsoft spokesman said that Microsoft would have no problem granting a Windows licence to Apple, in exactly the same way it currently provides licences to Dell and HP: "Microsoft would support Apple the same way it supports every other PC manufacturer." But Dan Kusnetzky said it would be difficult to know who would support that machine if Windows was running on a Mac. However, "no doubt someone will work out how to run Windows on the Mac, even if Apple doesn't technically support that."
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Sorry but we're talking WinVista. [skip here] moreover Linux kernel is pretty lame for backwards compatibility issue because you can't take drivers compiled on Linux and run them on Linux

[your versioning nonsense] You don't have a clue about linux, aren't you? [no need to answer this, answer is obvious]

Did you actualy read what I wrote, or you're just jumping to find one part where sentence clashes with your bias, but without reading it completely?

Or to translate my question. Do you like fighting over who's got bigger dick and pissing contests like that so much?

Even Win2K3 is more robust than Linux

Since this is nothing but a lame trolling comment not having a shred of connection to my post, I'll just ignore that. And please, you ignore this part of my response too.

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