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Apple Dan Kusnetzky, Apple program vice president, spoke to PC Pro News at IDC and said that Apple has no plans to support booting into Vista on the new Intel Macs. However, a Microsoft spokesman said that Microsoft would have no problem granting a Windows licence to Apple, in exactly the same way it currently provides licences to Dell and HP: "Microsoft would support Apple the same way it supports every other PC manufacturer." But Dan Kusnetzky said it would be difficult to know who would support that machine if Windows was running on a Mac. However, "no doubt someone will work out how to run Windows on the Mac, even if Apple doesn't technically support that."
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Right here right now - let's settle this. You prove to me that the nvidia driver compiled on Linux can work on without recompiling and I'll stop posting here on OSNEWS.

Why would I do that? I never said that you can do this.
As much as I'm pro Linux, I'm also realistic.

If you go trough my post history on OSNews you can also find my little war with few real zealots about this.

Let me repost it again, or at least the point of it:)
Monolithic kernel and lack of stable ABI in kernel is double edged sword.

Good sides:
1. not bounded to specifics forewer
2. larger gains possible because devs are not bound to ancient history
3. monolithic is faster

Bad sides:
1. companies don't like the moving ground
2. see 1.
3. for each change in main branch, complete kernel has to be recompiled

From a user perspective:
1. there are repositories
2. usualy those repositories follow both, drivers and kernel modifications
3. when you update kernel you usualy update driver too. So there is no more recompiling for users anymore.

As you see, flaws of linux approach are mostly company related. And since my usage is mostly commercial, I could say I'm part of the party that suffers the most from this fact. But even I can't remember one single example where these facts would hurt me.

If you lose, you stop posting here forever.

Why? No one will loose:) I won't argue you don't have it right:) I will just argue that your viewpoint is immature:) And this is the reason for me pointing out that you don't know much about linux:)


Nah:) It would be a waste to lose you. You're funny:)

Dude, I know what I'm talking about so you better back away from this argument.

No, you don't:) Or at least your viewpoint is completely missed:) You can't say that something is bad if it provides enough benefits back +1-1=0

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