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Windows Today, Microsoft released the first beta of Windows Vista. PC Mag reviews it. "After several years of waiting to see the successor to Windows XP, code-named Longhorn, we've finally gotten our hands on Beta 1 of what now will be called Windows Vista." They also have 40 screenshots. Elsewhere, MS has announced the official names for Avalon and Indigo.
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RE[3]: Let's simplify here
by unoengborg on Thu 28th Jul 2005 16:06 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Let's simplify here"
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But I wouldn´t try the same using GNOME, though. I have it installed and yes, it is usable, but I hardly call that a pleasing experience. All the other lightweight windowmanagers AND XFCE fly on this machine.

Never say never, Gnomw 2.10.1 from FC4 is quite usable on my old Thinkpad having an old 500MHz PIII,
500MB RAM, but I agree with you KDE feels a bit snappier and seam to run faster for every new release.

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