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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y OSNews regular Kaiwai takes a superficial look at Vista and MacOS 10.4/10.5, and concludes: "To say that the changes in Windows Vista are only skin deep is missinformed to say the least; spend some time reading those sources I have listed, and even if you don't have a desire to run Windows Vista or particular interested in Windows based technology, it does provide some good resources explaining the changes and rationale behind those choices made. So from a purely technical point of view, Windows Vista is actually looking a whole lot more interesting than what the detractors have been saying in the computer press about the current direction."
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Stability is highly dubious....
by Moochman on Mon 13th Mar 2006 02:38 UTC
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WinFX sounds great, so do the new APIs, the new Media Player, Internet Explorer, and everything else....

but think about it...

Vista is a massive behemoth, in terms of code quantity, sheer megabytes, and system requirements. It incorporates countless new, deeply-integrated software packages that were developed in a a number of disparate Microsoft divisions, and that are now being smushed together and rushed out the door at short notice. In addition, every program that's based on .NET will use (I'd estimate) 1/3rd more resources than a normal program since it's in a virtual machine, plus the number of 3rd party .NET programs out there will only increase, meaning even more resource consumption and slowdown. All this, plus a disk and processor-intensive disk-indexing service will be running full-time in the background.

With all this in mind, with Microsoft's record for stability (or the lack thereof), and judging by the beta testers' reports of slowdowns and crashes, it seems to me that it'll take a miracle for Vista to run crash-and-freeze-free on any machine, much less on my 3-year-old (yet still quite capable) laptop.

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