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Windows Today, Microsoft released the first beta of Windows Vista. PC Mag reviews it. "After several years of waiting to see the successor to Windows XP, code-named Longhorn, we've finally gotten our hands on Beta 1 of what now will be called Windows Vista." They also have 40 screenshots. Elsewhere, MS has announced the official names for Avalon and Indigo.
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RE: home users...
by unoengborg on Thu 28th Jul 2005 16:51 UTC in reply to "home users..."
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Vista will be pre-installed in all new pcs: dell, hp, ibm, etc. and Microsoft will keep a big % of OS market.

Yes, that's true for home users, but on the corporate desktop windows 2k and XP will rule for a very long time. In such environments they usually downgrade to, or order computers to fit the existing IT infrastructure.

As an example, today, about 50% of all Swedish businesses still run win2k. The typical time for upgrades is when support is pulled. That would mean that Vista will not be seen much in business use until say 2010. By then there will be lots of alternatives to chose from.

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